Job Search

Job search is an ongoing process of identifying job leads, networking and applying for positions. There are some key strategies that can improve your success and get you back to work faster.

  1. Identify the company or industry where you would like to work
  2. Use the elements of the visible job market (job boards, recruiters, and agencies to identify positions and data. Click here for a list of internet resources to assist you with your job search activities. Utilize the NOVAworks Job Connector platform to build your skills profile, view career pathways, and explore job matches. View the video on the right for more information.
  3. Connect with your network to find people who are currently working at those companies. Quite often someone you know, knows someone at your target company. Simply ask your connection if they will help you contact the person working at the target company.
  4. Now that you have a name of a current employee, let the person know that you are interested in working at their company and provide the specific position information. Ask them for the best strategies for applying to the position. See if they will provide you with the name and email of the hiring manager. Many people will be happy to assist you since many companies provide a bonus for new-employee referrals.