Loss Curve

Being in an active job search is one of life's most stressful situations. You need to be ready to jump in with a positive and proactive attitude. Job searching is not easy to begin with, and being let go from a position can impact how you view yourself and the world of work.

The "loss curve" provides a visual representation of the emotional and psychological pathway that you may travel after finding out that you are losing a job - from the initial shock of disbelief to the eventual sense of healing and ability to move forward. Losing a job can cause different reactions and emotions for each person. You may react with fear or feel relieved with a sense of freedom. There are countless feelings that one can experience. No matter how you are feeling, there are three things you will want to do to ensure a successful transition through these changing times in your life:

  • Reflect on the past
  • Deal with the present
  • Think about where you want to be tomorrow

Click on the different stages of the loss curve to learn more about that phase and things you can do to keep moving forward.

Although the loss curve looks linear it is anything but. You will swing back and forth between the stages. Expect to have good and bad days. Use the curve to identify where you are and allow yourself the time you need to completely process your loss. Over time, the bad days will get less and the future will look brighter.